First reports for 2016

Posted by on May 10, 2016

The first driver reports of the Hurley are in! Thanks to Albert Bush from Valley Chainsaw in Pemberton for the update and photos!  Al went for a Hurley adventure last night in his Commander with his dog Stihl and friend Morgan on his dirt bike.  Snow levels at the summit are very low for this time of the year.  The snow is melting fast at the summit and the rest of the road is already very dry and dusty.  There are a few snowy/icy sections of road left on the Pemberton side of the summit but they will melt out fast in this warm sunny weather.   Debbie Demare went over the Hurley early this morning for a SLRD meeting in Pemberton and reported temps of -1c at the summit.  Vehicles without good tires may have some issues on the icy sections until it melts out in a few days.  The summit has been cleared to one vehicle wide but Tom made pullouts every 400m or so. The Pemberton side is smoother than the Gold Bridge side which is quite rough.  Grading has not started yet but should be done before the long weekend.

The Hurley Summit with Stihl

Stihl the dog at the Hurley summit

First vehicles over the Hurley

First vehicles over the Hurley for 2016

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