East Hurley Maintenance

Posted by on June 7, 2016

The 4km’s of the East Hurley from the steel bridge end are currently being graded by a logging operation in preparations for logging and are very good shape. The remaining section of the E. Hurley will have grading commencing today.

There is a community committee working on the issues with the E. Hurley and they are working to confirm, what, if any work will be done at the washout and damaged portion of the road at km 4-5.

During the last week of  May, Woodlot owners on the East Hurley Rd graded the first 4km of the East Hurley Rd from the steel bridge going towards Bralorne.  Upon hearing about this, the Bralorne Community Advisory Committee (BCAC) contacted the Woodlot owners and asked for an estimate to grade the remaining 8km going towards Bralorne.  The cost quoted for this grading was $2,000.00.  Debbie Demare, Regional Director, Area A, SLRD has offered to partner with the community to cover this cost.  We have been informed that grading is to commence Mon. June 6th and will take a few days to complete.

To help pay towards the cost of the grading, we (BCAC) have arranged for donations to be made via Paypal or you may contact the BRVCA office to pay with a credit card, bridgerivervalley@gmail.com or 250-238-2534.

Bralorne Community Advisory Committee has ongoing talks with government about the need for better maintenance of the East Hurley Rd. and your donation will show that the community is serious about keeping this road driveable and passable.

As most of you know, after a grading, and until the road compacts down, there is lots of sharp shale unearthed so it’s probably best not to drive this with anything less than 10 ply tires until the road compacts down.

Better maintenance for the East Hurley Rd.  is one of the most important issues for Bralorne.  Please give generously!!  Many thanks.

East Hurley Grader

Recent grading on part of the East Hurley

3 Responses to East Hurley Maintenance

  1. Chuck

    They had better grade the 4 km’s when their done!

    The last logging company that came in their and made a big mess (which they didn’t fix) pissed off a lot of people.

  2. Thomas

    Will they re-grade the 4k after they complete the logging operation?

  3. Peter

    I donated, but didn’t feel particularly good about it. This should be a basic service and the provincial government should be embarrassed they can’t provide it.

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