August Update

Posted by on August 3, 2016

The switchbacks are getting a bit rough, FLNRO advises today they will have the grader up there starting today. They are also going to have some crews doing some brushing and straightening out signs starting today or tomorrow. Please slow down when approaching and give the operators and workers space and respect to do their job!

You’ll also notice after a lot of nagging from our Squamish Lillooet Regional District Area A Director¬† Debbie Demare we have a new turn sign on Pemberton Meadows Road and the Worksafe Sign that was blocking the stop sign is gone. Debbie is also working on having the other signs on the corner cleaned up. Thanks Debbie!

Pemberton Slow Food Cycle held in the Pemberton Meadows is planned for Sunday August 21 from 9am to 3pm.  The road will be closed to traffic during this event. Click for more details.

Goat Mt Produce Stand is open so bring some cash to buy some farm fresh veggies, cold drinks, snacks etc.

Goat Mt Produce Stand

Goat Mt Produce Stand


New sign in the Pemberton Meadows

WCB sign blocking the stop sign is gone!

This WCB sign blocking the stop sign has been removed!

2 Responses to August Update

  1. Taylor

    That old sign was way too confusing, you literally had to stop to read it.
    Glad it is now big bold and obvious

  2. Chuck

    Great to see a new sign on the Pemby side!

    I’ve had more than one guest miss the old one and keep on driving when they missed the turn off.

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