Lillooet FSR open after flooding

Posted by on November 8, 2016

4.20pm Thursday Nov 10 – The water levels have dropped and all roads in Pemberton are open after the flood,including the Lillooet FSR.  A logging contractor will move the big rock off the road tomorrow. See below.

A big rock let go and slid down onto the road near 29km. Right where the river is gouging the road just S of the Donnelly bridge. It’s a big one, as tall as my truck. Had to pull a small chunk out of the way to get thru but vehicles can get by. Thanks to Kathy from Backcountry Snowcats for the report.

Thursday Nov 10 – The Lillooet FSR remains closed today due to flooding after the bridge and this has cut off access to the Hurley. is reporting a washout in Pemberton that will impact access to the Hurley.  Check the Drive BC website for updates. The Lillooet FSR has also flooded the road just past the bridge at the start of the Hurley. Photos of the flooding can be seen at this link on Facebook

Conditions on the Hurley Tuesday Nov 8 are warm with heavy rain. Temp at the summit 7c at 7pm. Lots of water on the road with deep potholes.

High Flood Warning

Highway 99 Both directions – Pemberton Meadows Road is closed 23 km north of Pemberton, due to washout. Motorists are advised to watch for high water levels near creeks, roads, and bridges in the Pemberton area. Please slow down and use caution. Updated on Tue Nov 8 9:00 pm PST.

FLNRO will be replacing the bridge deck on the steel bridge in the spring.  Their plan is today prior to Hurley opening.  As you may have noticed, the bridge has developed some large holes at one end.

Also the bridge at 16.5 km (the first bridge after the steel bridge headed up to the summit) has also developed a large hole.  It looks like folks tried to fill it with rocks and logs and a grader has been over and that helped it a bit.  This also will be repaired by FLNRO in the spring.

If you’re been over lately you’ll notice a roller has been sitting at the Pemberton end.  The lower switchbacks were also rolled last time it was graded.  The rolling of the lower switchbacks and potentially the hill down to Gold Bridge will continue next year.

We are following up with Interwest who has a cutting permit planned in the Hope Creek area to see their timeline on that.  They will need to grade the road and that may free up the other budget for doing enhanced infrastructure work such as material in stretches, brushing etc.  We will stay in touch with you on this as the hauling will require everyone to use extra caution.

Watch out for the large vehicle sized rock on the road

Watch out for the large vehicle sized rock on the road

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