Hurley Closed for the Winter

Posted by on November 24, 2016

Thanks to Kathy from Backcountry Snowcats for this update. Snow is deep on the road and it is closed to trucks for the season and snowmobile traffic has started. The big rock is still on the road and will be hard to see in some conditions once it is covered in snow. Sledders watch out for the rock, it takes up half the road and is as tall as a truck! The rock is on the road near 29km. Right where the river is gouging the road just S of the Donnelly bridge.

Heavy snow fell to the valley bottom this week.  The only access to the Bridge River Valley is Road 40 via Lillooet. The Highline Road is closed for bridge repair from December to February. Always check Drive BC for the latest road conditions before driving Road 40.

If you have a winter Hurley update to share email Have a great winter and always check the Avalanche conditions before heading out! Check out the site for the Sea to Sky snowmobile ride report.


5 Responses to Hurley Closed for the Winter

  1. admin

    Not it is not possible yet

  2. admin

    No it still has a lot of snow at the summit

  3. Clare Sim

    Same question as Gord, has anyone been up the Hurley yet? Is it possible to get over with a truck and 4×4 now?

  4. Gord

    Has anyone been up the Hurley yet in 2017?

  5. Rick

    Can someone who knows about the Old Goat Mtn hut contact me please? (I have some good news.) Thx. Rick

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