Active Logging on the Hurley

Posted by on June 8, 2017

Aspen Planers will be commencing log hauling on the Bridge River Main and then down the Hurley FSR to the bridge and onto Rd. 40 starting almost immediately.

This will continue to approximately one month (mid-July).  You may see loaded and unloaded logging trucks pretty much anytime during the day starting early through to late afternoon.

Recreationalists and vehicles should be very cautious on the Bridge River Main FSR. Extreme caution and careful slow driving on the hill coming down into Gold Bridge or going up on the Hurley River FSR is strongly advised.

The Avalanche team has reported all the snow has nearly gone from the Avalanche paths on the Hurley and East Hurley and sent in a great aerial photo of the East Hurley taken this week.

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Dust cloud from logging truck

Watch for dust clouds!

East Hurley avalanche paths

East Hurley avalanche path

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