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Posted by on June 23, 2017

Hurley has been graded in the middle.  Lower switchbacks and Gwenyth Lake to Gold Bridge still waiting to be done. The grader is still up there working. Watch for rocks turned up by grading which can cause flat tires. See if you can spot the Larch trees on the west side of Hurley. Larch is a conifer that is deciduous and loses its needles.  There are not a lot of them and they were specially planted as second growth. They look beautiful in the fall when they turn golden. Thanks to Debbie Demare for the update and Larch photo.  Have a safe drive!


Larch Tree on the Hurley growing its needles for the summer

Larch Tree on the Hurley growing its needles for the summer


2 Responses to Grading update

  1. CraigH

    No sign of the grader up there on Friday June 30th or Monday July 3rd, sure is dusty though.
    Road is in decent shape (yay no flats!), other than the wash board on both the Pemberton & Gold Bridge hills. The Gold Bridge side is in worse shape of the 2.
    If a vehicle catches up to you, let them pass as they are travelling faster than you.
    Some culvert and ditch work is required near the pass, one of the small creeks is now using the ditch as a stream bed likely due to a plugged culvert.

  2. Randy Jenkins

    Hi, planning on driving the Hurley Road next Friday, just dust & potholes? Have a truck 4×4 & camper, headed to Lillooet the LONG way

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