Grading Update

Posted by on August 24, 2017
The Hurley is in rough shape after a busy and dry summer. The topic of grading has been discussed with Ministry counterparts around the southern interior. None of them are grading currently and one has even tried with a water truck, with no success. The ground is so dry and the amount of traffic needed to compact the running surface is not available. The moisture from a water truck isn’t helping and some trials were are night to see if that made a difference. At night they found that they were still throwing some sparks from the grader blade, which we do not need at this time. Shorter answer, we think that it is best to wait for some extended periods of rain until we grade the Hurley. We don’t want to just throw money away and want to also stay away from any new fires being started.
0.5mm of rain fell yesterday and another 0.8mm overnight which was barely enough to wet the top layer of dirt. 2.8mm of rain fell on July 20th and that was the first rain in a month! June only had 3.6mm total. This has been an extremely dry summer and a lot more rain fell this winter – 46.5mm of rain fell in January and 42.3mm in February!
Stats taken from the Gun Lake Weather Station

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  1. MB

    A few weeks on and still (almost) no rain, so I assume no grading yet? Planning on driving up to Tyax on Sep 18, with a Toyota Highlander (4WD SUV)… would it be wiser to go through Lillooet? Thanks

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