September 20 Update

Posted by on September 20, 2017

Hurley T-Shirts are in stock again and we have placed an order for more hats. Stay tuned for their arrival! T-Shirts are available on the website now! All proceeds go towards the maintenance of this website.

Thanks to Debbie Demare for the latest Hurley update.

The Hurley FSR was a beehive of activity this morning.The grader is still working on the lower switchbacks. Watch for those sharp rocks!
I met three logging trucks coming from Pemberton. Watch for these both directions.
Near Hope Creek there are two large excavators on the Hurley road, looks like they are doing road work on the Hurley or on a logging road leading to it. 
It has been raining and the section from Tenquille Lake turnoff up is a bit slippery between the fresh grading and the water.  My vehicle is now muddy.RR 19 is the radio channel.

Grading the Hurley

Grading the Hurley

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