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Posted by on September 22, 2017

The forestry activities in the Hope Creek Rd. area of the Hurley FSR is a cutting permit being operationalized by Interwest Timber. There will be additional road building activities this coming week adjacent to the FSR at Waterfalls Creek – 17 km.     Expect to see large equipment (excavators etc) and signage will be put up to warn drivers.

Additionally, active logging signs will be put up.    You need to expect logging trucks well into late fall early winter going either direction – west to Pemberton or east to Gold Bridge. The company anticipates continuing to use the Hurley FSR into snow and there may be some plowing.  They will keep us updated as things change or continue.

The crews on the road this past week are noticing one thing, people are driving way too fast, in fact dangerously on the road.   We encourage everyone to slow down – its not fun to be in an accident way up there – it is hard to get emergency crews up there to help you.   You also don’t want to endanger other people and put them in that position either.

Unfortunately there are dishonest people in our area and this is a message from the Goat Mountain Produce Stand: STOP STEALING! We have been having unreal amounts of theft for the past few weeks. At this point, it is barely worth continuing if a change does not happen soon. It is too much work to be loosing so much. IF THEFT CONTINUES WE WILL BE SHUTTING DOWN AT THE END OF THIS MONTH. We ask that everyone keeps their eyes out for any culprits. Thank you!

The website volunteers will do our best to stay on this and try and keep everyone well informed, we need your help though!  Please email us your updates and photos as this is a user maintained website.  Email to info@bridgerivervalley.ca

Goat Mt Produce Stand

Goat Mt Produce Stand

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