Ken Conway-Brown Retires

Posted by on February 21, 2018

Ken Conway-Brown, the FLNRO Roads Technician for our area and primarily responsible for the Hurley FSR, retires today!

All of us in the Bridge River Valley, and those of us that travel from elsewhere over the Hurley FSR so we can enjoy Bralorne, Gold Bridge, Gun Lake, Tyaughton Lake and Marshall Lake extend our congratulations and a huge Thank You to Ken.

Ken is what we all hope Ministry officials to be.  Ken built strong positive relationships with key people in our area.  He always communicated fully and proactively so we knew what was going on with the Hurley in terms of maintenance.    Ken is someone who listens and then does what he can to assist but also was honest and direct when he couldn’t.

One of the key things he grew to understand by listening to us, was the importance of consistency of maintenance on the entire Hurley.  With a few exceptions, maintenance on the Hurley has been consistent in the last several years and overall, consistently better.  He managed the budget wisely and as a result was able to have additional materials added to several sections of the road, including this last fall on the lower switchbacks.

We will miss him as a Ministry official and we will miss him as a person, but we know he will be enjoying his retirement (sort of, will be working on wildfire branch related things this summer on contract).

Ken will be receiving a coveted I survived the Hurley t-shirt! Thank you Ken for your professionalism and good work!

Hurley maintenance

Hurley maintenance

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