June 13 Grading Update

Posted by on June 13, 2018

Thanks to Debbie Demare for the latest Hurley update from Wednesday morning. Three degrees and raining. Grader from Donnelly Creek towards summit working.  Otherwise pretty good shape. Maybe 7 out of 10. Washout from last November passable but not back to previous shape. I’ll follow up on that one otherwise switchbacks headed to Pemberton in good condition.

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June 13 grading in progress

June 13 grading in progress

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  1. admin

    I would suggest driving around the Lillooet way

  2. yvonne

    we are heading up to goldbridge on aug 12/18 with a mid size pick up and small holiday trailer. is the hurley route an option for us or should we take the lillooet route? help?

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