November 8 Hurley Update

Posted by on November 9, 2011

Thanks to logging company Interwest for extending the driving season of the Hurley for us this year!  The road is being plowed by the grader after each big snowfall to keep it clear for hauling until the end of the month.   Vehicles equipped with winter tires and 4×4 are reporting some icy sections.  Chains are not needed right now but are always a good idea to carry on the Hurley.  The weather can change minute to minute up there so be prepared!   Drive it while you still can…….soon it will be time for snowmobile traffic only!   The Duffey Lake Road webcam is a good tool to use to guess what the weather is doing on the Hurley before you leave.  The Dickson Range webcam is good too, the left side of the image faces towards the Hurley Road.  Thanks to Cliff Umpleby from TLH Heliskiing for the update and photo.  email if you have road conditions to report.

November 8 on the Hurley

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