May 20 Update

Posted by on May 21, 2019

Thanks to Scott Frizzell, Lisa Wagner and Jessie Davison for sending in these updates and photos!

Single lane and a bit sloppy in parts but overall an excellent drive.

The entire road is now snow and ice-free. A few wet/muddy patches near the summit but I have to say it’s a whole different road than it was on Friday!

Road was good today as we left the valley. A bit muddy at the summit in areas where the snow is melting. Switch backs down to Pemberton were a bit rough with potholes but better than expected. Lillooet Forest service was in great shape

A reminder to read and follow the rules of the road.  Headlights ON even during the daytime. If you use auto headlights your taillights don’t come on unless it’s dark out.

Drive slow and take care while passing. Please respect the equipment operators when the grading starts on the Pemberton side and give them space and slow down.

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Road Rules

Photo Jessie Davison

Photo Scott Frizzelle

Photo Scott Frizzell


2 Responses to May 20 Update

  1. Charles Townsend

    Thanks for the update. Planning on heading up next weekend.

  2. Kevin Loughran

    Just wanted to say thank you to the crew that got the road ready. We are heading up tonight with a camper pulling an 18′ trailer.

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