May 24 Update

Posted by on May 25, 2019

Thanks to Debbie Demare for the latest Hurley update and photo.  Potholes and wet throughout. Two mud bogs at the top getting deeper and depending on the vehicle be careful. Lillooet River FSR is in fabulous shape!

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Muddy potholes

Muddy potholes

2 Responses to May 24 Update

  1. John

    Drove today, 06Jun19. Better drive than coming from Lillooet.

  2. Chuck

    Came down over the Hurley (from Bralorne) on Sunday afternoon.

    The east Hurley is in pretty decent shape with the exception of a creek flowing over the road roughly 1 km from far side (ie closer to the steel bridge on the main Hurley). It looks like a culvert is plugged and the water is now going over the road slowly washing things away. Hopefully this can be addressed before it does too much damage. The two other areas that usually suffer from washouts have been upgraded with better culverts and as a result, didn’t wash out like they usually do every May!

    The main Hurley is not too bad in the middle but gets soft at the summit with large muddy bogs (as mentioned/seen in the update above). The hill down to Pemberton is bumpy but doable and the Lillooet FSR is dusty, but in great shape.

    Overall not too shabby but it could use a grading and the East H needs that washout repaired ASAP.

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