Grading Update

Posted by on June 12, 2019

Thanks to Debbie Demare for the latest update and photos. Great shape from Summit down to Lillooet river FSR    I hope people use their 4 wheel drive going up hill to keep it in great shape. They have marked a culvert that is messed up at summit. Grader working at Summit on Gold Bridge side. 

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Hurley culvert Hurley Grader working

3 Responses to Grading Update

  1. Cliff Jennings

    Graded the whole way when we drove it yesterday. We’ll see what it looks like after the long weekend.

  2. Dennis

    Came down the Hurley today and it was a smooth ride… as good as it gets. The grader was working on the bottom so should be nice and smooth later today. Very very dusty on the bottom stretch, use extreme caution when crossing other vehicles visibility is zero, would be nice to have it sprayed with something. Large potholes on the paved portion in Pemby

  3. Charles Townsend

    Drove out the Hurley on Sunday from Bralorne.

    The plugged culvert has been fixed on the East Hurley and it has been graded so it’s in good shape overall.

    The main Hurley was graded from at least the steel bridge down to the Lillooet FSR and is in good shape as well.

    The Lillooet FSR is in great shape but very dusty,

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