July 10 Update

Posted by on July 10, 2019

Thanks to BJ Moore, FLNRO for the update that Squamish Mills will be grading both ends of the Hurley after they finish grading the Lillooet FSR, should be starting next week sometime. Please give the grader space and pass slowly when safe to do so.

Thanks to Sharron Elliott for the latest Hurley update and photo. Both the East Hurley and Hurley are in great shape, other than the usual potholes and rocks.

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East Hurley photo by Sharon Elliot

East Hurley photo by Sharon Elliot

4 Responses to July 10 Update

  1. Dennis

    Has the Hurley been graded lately?

  2. Dianna Musil

    Does anyone have an update on the condition of the Hurley? a week ago it was extremely rough

  3. admin

    It takes about 1.5hrs – 2 hrs

  4. Justin

    How long does it take to drive thru the Hurley pass from goldbridge side down? Never drive thru before and thinking of taking that way.

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