Slow Food Cycle Road Closure

Posted by on August 13, 2019

The annual Pemberton Slow Food Cycle is on Sunday August 18 and will impact Hurley drivers with a road closure. Once again this year, in the interest of participant safety, Pemberton Meadows Road will be closed to vehicle traffic from 10am – 3pm on Sunday for the Slow Food Cycle Sunday event. The road will remain open for slow moving farm vehicles.

From 9am-10am and from 3pm onward the road will be shared by vehicle traffic and bike traffic. The speed limit along Pemberton Meadows Road will be reduced to 30 km/hr. Please share the road and respect each other’s goals to ensure a fun and safe day for all.

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Pemberton Slow Food Cycle

Pemberton Slow Food Cycle

3 Responses to Slow Food Cycle Road Closure

  1. Charles Townsend

    Yah, maybe I was being a little nice with my comments. I just discovered that all the bouncing on the Hurley broke my Jeeps battery mount!

  2. Dennis

    I can only agree with Charles! The Hurley is basically one long washboard with huge potholes from start to finish.
    I believe he’s just polite, its a gong show out there…how much rougher does it need to get before some maintenance?
    I’ve been up and down all summer, including on the last long weekend and it was not graded all the way as some claim.

  3. Charles Townsend

    Came over the Hurley yesterday and I have to say, overall its getting kind of rough!

    The Gold Bridge side is bumpy, the middle of the Hurley is more of the same and the switch backs down the Pemberton side are no different. The Lilloeet FSR is the best of the bunch.

    The East Hurley is decent (for the East Hurley).

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