2020 Opening Update #2

Posted by on May 12, 2020

Update on the progress of the Hurley opening from BJ Moore, FLNRO.
The Province of BC still advises to restrict travel to communities to essential traffic only. Keep our communities safe and explore BC Later.

The Hurley is still closed to traffic and at this time the estimated opening is late on Saturday. We will get an update again in the coming days.

Tom made good progress on Tuesday and is in 5 ½ ‘ of snow and around 1.8km from the Summit. However, with the depth of the snow and difficult ice layer, it is going a little slower than he expected. The next two days will be the toughest ones for ploughing as it is flatter and deeper/heavy snow. Even after the summit, and pushing downhill, there are still a few kms of snow remaining. Its clear now that this ice layer is why all this snow is remaining.
Someone tried to climb up the Pemberton side and got stuck and Tom had to pull them out. 2 vehicles drove up from the Gold Bridge side and demanded that they be let through.

Please stay off the road. Crews are still working. Squamish Mills will start grading from the Pemberton side soon and they also need space and respect. If flaggers are needed it will use up the summer maintenance budget so please respect the crews working and use common sense. Stay off the road until the work has been complete and give the grader space and drive slow. Thanks!

Tom and his cat

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