Nov 10 Update

Posted by on November 10, 2011

Rain mixed with snow and ice!

It’s been raining/snowing on the Hurley and it has not been plowed.  This drive is for experienced drivers who are prepared for self rescue and it is not recommended.   It’s that time of the year to enter and exit the Bridge River Valley via Route 40 to Lillooet.  Warm temps in the valley today, at 5am it was  +5c.   That’s 10 deg warmer than it has been, we’ve had a few -5c mornings this week!  Thanks to regular Hurley commuter Cliff from Tayx/TLH for the update and photo 🙂

Rain on top of snow and ice!

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  1. eric

    the justin moore song”flyin down a back road ” is all about the hurly

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