May 29 Update

Posted by on May 30, 2020

Thanks to the latest Hurley updates from Friday afternoon.

Yos Gladstone “Came over the Hurley into Gold Bridge yesterday afternoon.  The switchbacks on the Pemberton side have a bit of loose gravel. The pass is in relatively good shape, they did a great job of plowing. There are two sections with some decent ruts that are wet.  You need to pick your lines when driving through, it would be an easy spot for a vehicle without 4×4 to get stuck in. Lots of pot holes from there into the Hurley Bridge.  From the Hurley Bridge into town is super smooth. 

Scott Frizzell “Came west over the Hurley today at 4 pm. Good coming out of the BRV, pir hokey up top. One or two rough section in the pass. descent was ok. Thanks for the hard work and all the best to Tom. “

Grading has not started yet. Squamish Mills will be grading the full length of the road so expect to see machinery working and please respect their space and slow down.

This site is based on Hurley driver updates so please email new road conditions to or post in the comments below. Support this website and order your Hurley t-shirts, bumper stickers, can coolers & trucker hats in 3 colours – green/white, black/gold, pink/grey  Click here to purchase Hurley merchandise.  Thank you for your road updates and support and please slow down and drive responsibly!

Hurley summit. Photo by Yos Gladstone
Hurley summit 4pm Friday. Photo by Scott Frizzell

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