Hurley Maintenance Update

Posted by on June 11, 2020

Update: Bridge repairs were completed July 3rd. Thanks Scott Holden!

Message below from BJ Moore, FLNRO about Hurley maintenance and short delays to expect starting June 22.

“Scott Holden told me this morning that he plans on starting the bridge repairs to the 9 Mile bridge (15km) on Monday June 22nd. He thinks it should only take 4 days to complete the repairs. He also expects there to be up to 20 min delays for traffic. Could you please get that posted to the website so that people know to expect short delays and to respect all crew and equipment working signs. This also expends to the Squamish Mills grader’s work as it moves along the FSR. It will be jumping back and forth around the mud holes to allow them to dry out before being graded.”

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4 Responses to Hurley Maintenance Update

  1. Murray

    Thanks for the update. We will check with you on Sunday or so. We will be coming from Shusway so will likely head to the Gun Creek Campground anyway as it is such a beautiful area. Thanks again!

  2. admin

    It’s about as rough as it gets right now and most of the road is heavily pot holed. I don’t think you will find it in as good of shape as it was 20 years ago! You don’t see many motor homes on the Hurley but check back before you leave to see if it has been graded by then. The drive through Lillooet on Road 40 is mostly paved now and is a beautiful drive.

  3. Murray

    Have driven the Hurley many times in conventional 2 WD vehicles and found the road good, but that was 20-25 years ago. Was considering taking my 30 Motorhome through next week (june 29) but see mixed messages on road quality. I understand grading is underway. Any updates on status today or where it might be by the 29th? Thanks!

  4. Wes

    I hope to do this loop next week (June 23) on my dual sport …thanks for any updates you can give me !

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