Grading Update

Posted by on June 29, 2020

Update in from BJ Moore, FLNRO “Squamish Mills has not yet started the grading on the Hurley. Their grader is stuck behind the road washout at 24km on the Lillooet FSR. They are doing an emergency repair to the FSR and hope to be done by this Friday. They said that when their grader is free it will start on the Hurley.”

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8 Responses to Grading Update

  1. Jason

    Any updates on road conditions? Grading since July 3rd? Thank you.

  2. Breena

    Would a 4×4 Jeep Cherokee make it it Tenquille trailhead? I’ve heard mixed reviews on how high the clearance needs to be. Thanks! 🙂

  3. rob Falck

    it,s time , I see the grader at the bottom pemby side . Can we please start grading now ?

  4. Andy

    Went North yesterday July 3rd and it’s open. Saw plenty of traffic including 2×4 people carriers. Bumpy and washboard(y) in sections but still good.

  5. admin

    Yes, its passable but expect lots of potholes

  6. Leesa Matwick

    Thanks, I understand it hasn’t been graded but is it passable with a 4×4 pickup? We’re heading to to Gold Bridge today.

  7. admin

    The grading hasn’t started yet. We will make another post when it has been done.

  8. Hawla

    I was wondering we’re going Goldbridge this Saturday,July 4th., Hurley pass is grated?

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