Grading in Progress

Posted by on July 15, 2020

Thanks to Rex for the latest report and photos. Went up to the Semaphore Lakes pullout from the Pemberton side… the switchbacks are nearly done… for those driving on normal road tires non 4×4 vehicles there are still some teeth chattering sections from the top of switchbacks to the Semaphore pullout… cannot speak to anything beyond. Also, and more importantly you are risking punctures because there are sharp rocks – up to golf ball size in the newly graded sections. Thanks to the crew for the work on the Hurley! If you are using the road… be patient and always wait for the signal from the equipment operators before passing please. 

Also thanks to Scott who reported the washboard conditions leaving Gold Bridge. The grader was at 6km on the Pemberton side on Monday morning.

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  1. Chuck Townsend

    Came down the Hurley yesterday from Bralorne. The best sections are the east Hurley and the section that has been graded going downhill on the Pemberton side. Looks like the grader has done everything from the higher Tenquill lake pullout down to the the start in Pemberton meadows.

    Pretty rough for the rest of it.

    TONS of vehicles parked at the Semphore pullout (30+) and coming up (another 30+) as we drove out. Looking forward to the grading being complete (hopefully) for my next time up.

  2. Greg A

    Road was great yesterday on July 17. Drove it with my 13yr old daughter in F150 FX4. Some loose shale on the switchbacks up from Pemberton (used diff lock sparingly). Potholes quite bad in places up top after graders. See what you mean about the loose sharp rocks. Decent off road tires a must – must be a few blown tire walls on that road. Not sure how a 2WD car low to ground would survive with exhaust intact. Thanks for the updates on this site – they helped a lot.

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