August 7 Update

Posted by on August 7, 2020

Conflicting reports on Hurley conditions after the grading. Some folks say it’s in great shape and others say it was in great shape but after the heavy traffic on the long weekend it’s not as good. The traffic and parking along the sides of the road going to the hiking areas at the Hurley summit are out of control and we hope BC Parks does something about it before it turns into a Joffre nightmare! Sharp rocks are still shredding tires. Heavy machinery is still working on the Hurley so please slow down when approaching or passing and remember if you can’t see the operator, they can’t see you. Thanks to Dan Mirabent who sent in some photos from his motorcycle ride over on the long weekend.

It’s great to see drivers helping out other drivers when things go sideways. We received this message today.

Hoping we can get a thank you out to the ‘knights in slightly dented/dusty armour’ who helped us out today. Our leaf spring snapped and severed a brake line on the Hurley and we were stuck. Huge shout out to Challon Ferron who stopped and went out of his way to help us, waiting until he knew the cavalry (aka Ken Archer of Top Gun Towing) was on it’s way. Thanks also to the folks who stopped and took our details to pass on for help. Sometimes the word seems like it’s going to hell in a hand basket and then you meet great folks who go the extra mile to help you.
Eileen and Michael Keenan

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Top Gun Towing to the rescue!

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