August 10 update

Posted by on August 10, 2020

Thanks to Scott Frizzell for the latest Hurley update and photo. Came west across the Hurley 10AM Monday. Busy and equipment working on the road. Excavator working between 8-9 mark on the Pemberton side. Road is in good shape, tip to tail.

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4 Responses to August 10 update

  1. Chuck

    Came down the Hurley on Monday morning (from Bralorne via east Hurley) and this is what I found:

    -east Hurley was in good shape and looked like it had received some kind of basic grading recently.
    -the middle of the Hurley (from the steel bridge to the summit) was in better shape with a few rough spots.
    -the big hill down to Pemberton meadows was pretty rough with wash boards and pot holes most of the way. It looked like it has been graded but I think with all the traffic to Semaphore lakes that section of the road is seeing a lot of traffic.
    -Lillooet FSR was the best section by far!

    Overall the road is much better than it was in the early summer but it is seeing a lot more traffic than usual. Site lines and ditching were in great shape all along and a machine was doing more digging just past the summit as we drove by.

  2. Roger

    I drove the Hurley for the first time Sat Aug 15, from Pemberton to Bralorne. This was my first time, so I don’t know what is considered normal for the road’s condition.

    The hairpin turns on the Pemberton side are in rough shape for going up. They have huge ridges, and the wheels bounce from one to the next. Otherwise the road is in decent shape. I had no problems with my front-wheel drive Sorento. But I was wondering how the two regular cars I saw coped without the extra clearance.

    As mentioned, we turned towards Bralorne. I don’t know what shape the last part to Gold Bridge is.

    BTW, the Mission Mountain road, to Seton-Portage is worth a trip. Great views, and the road is in good condition.

  3. Chucker

    Drove down today and the worst section as usual is the part just past Goldbridge, probably the worst that I have seen there for bad washboard. Road is narrower in areas due to culvert work. Lots of vehicles parked at the summit, 30 or so and machinery working in this area too.

  4. Alex

    I drove the Hurley Sunday night and I must agree, the road is in great shape. Best I’ve seen it in years.

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