Nov 3 Update

Posted by on November 4, 2020

Thanks to Debbie Demare for the construction update and Pat Mulrooney for the snow update.

Here’s a quick update from yesterday. I drove over from Gold Bridge to Pemberton yesterday Nov 3 at 2:00pm. Extremely wet and muddy at the sections where the machines are resurfacing. Four wheel drive needed in a couple spots. Overnight snow started at the meadows below Face Mountain before the summit. 25 cms of snow at the summit and quite slippery. It was snowing heavily so there could be quite a bit more by now. 
Pat Mulrooney

Update from Debbie Demare from Nov 2. Road is overall drier with less mud.  Work ongoing on lower switchbacks (up to just below Tenquille).   That section in pretty good shape.  Ditching going on west of Steel Bridge for a few kms.
Steel Bridge to Green Mtn. turnoff, grader is pulling materials onto road, large rocks, dirt etc as of today. Quite soft.  Green Mtn. down wet and muddy in sections, but lower dsection below Bridge Main really good shape.
Lots of Potholes between Steel bridge and summit, have fun driving all over the road!

If you choose to drive the Hurley at this time of the year be prepared to experience all kinds of weather and winter driving conditions.  Winter driving skills, 4×4, chains and good snow tires are essential for travel.  A survival/safety kit are good things to carry in your truck.   Conditions can change fast at anytime up there with the fluctuating temperatures & weather.  Current conditions may not be reported on this site.  Have a safe drive!

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Nov 3 conditions. Photo by Pat Mulrooney

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  1. Roger Stacey

    Hurley Update November 9 at 12 Noon. Road decent from Gold Bridge to Hope Creek then rough with pot holes to Branch 12 Tenquille turn off then decent to the bottom. Good track on compact snow across summit with 3-4 cm fresh snow and snowing. Light snow all they way across. 4×4 recommended.

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