History from the Hurley River

Posted by on March 24, 2021

We love finding out about history of the Bridge River Valley and this historic photo that was donated to the Museum is of an old bridge over the Hurley River.

The Bralorne Pioneer Museum is an amazing small museum that tells the history of our area.  This is a wonderful example of the collections that have been donated to it. You can visit them on Facebook at  or Instagram There is also a wonderful virtual exhibit at Bralorne-Pioneer:  Their Past Lives Here Stop by on Mondays until May Long Weekend and weekends after that and visit them in person!

This picture is on the Hurley River and was built  to reach the Pioneer Power House. It was near the junction of the Cadwallader and Hurley River,  near Poison Flats and about 1.50 up stream.  The wooden staves carried the water from the Hurley up to Pioneer for their power supply. Thank you to Janis for sending us this photo!

7 Responses to History from the Hurley River

  1. Andrew

    Stew- true and fair, but some of us use the Hurley to access the BRV for work. Definitely shaves off some valuable time when the Hurley is passable.

  2. Vytis

    Stew when you have flat with kids in a car no cell reception and nobody helps you because of different health region? Go to politics or police you will fit right in!

  3. Erik

    Stew some of us work in Bralorne and the Hurley is a lot faster then the Duffey so ya we can travel

  4. Stew

    Y’all supposed stay home till the 25th – the Hurley takes you from one health region to another so earliest reports really should come on the 25th.

  5. admin

    We will have an update on that soon!

  6. Andrew

    Any idea when the Hurley will be ready for the season?

  7. Vytis

    Any heads up for May long weekend?

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