Opening Update #3

Posted by on May 27, 2021

Thanks to Sal DeMare for following up on another opening update.

Information from Cascades Forest District FSR Engineering Officer regarding the opening of the Hurley May 26, 2021

I contacted the Cascades Forest District FSR Engineering Officer for a progress report on the opening of the Hurley. This was the reply I received this morning: “Good morning. I was out yesterday and am back in the office now. I believe Scott has started the grading down at zero and will be working his way up the FSR as the moisture content is optimal for grading. Tom Illidge can’t make it this season to help us out with the opening, but Roadrunner will be sending their dozer out to open the road and control the waterflow as soon as he lines up a lowbed. Going slow due to some changing conditions, but its all still forward movement. Squamish Mills sent a grader last week to remove that berm and spread the material over the running surface.” I will update when I receive more information.

Image from a previous year

4 Responses to Opening Update #3

  1. Mike

    I’m heading to the BRV today and would really like to take the Hurley if it’s an option.
    Any updates?

  2. Chris

    I wonder too why the delay

  3. Anna

    I wish I understood better why the delay in opening. For some of us living in the BRV this is a critical access route. Covid related?

  4. Chuck Townsend

    Any ballpark idea when it will be open? I’m guessing second week of June.

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