June 8 Update

Posted by on June 8, 2021

Thanks to Debbie Demare for the latest Hurley update and photos. Gold Bridge to Donnelly Creek graded and in good shape.  Donnelly to Tenquille rocky potholes and rough with some brutal sections. Not graded.  Switchbacks normal. Lillooet River FSR good condition.  Great news from Goat Mountain Produce on the Pemberton side of the Hurley. They will be open this year and the garden is looking good check out the photos on Facebook!

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Hurley summit
Fresh grading

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  1. Neil McIver

    July 31st Update -(starting in Whistler) we drove Pemberton to Bralorne, to Gold Bridge, to Lillooet and back to Whistler via the 99.
    9 hrs and 52 mins. We stopped many times to check stuff out and enjoy. Took lots of food, water and gas.

    Quick synopsis- it was clear all along our route and easily passable with a 4×4. A robust car could likely have done the same drive today as well. But I would never suggest anyone not use a 4×4. Today, besides the dust, was likely just about ideal.

    We learned a whole bunch along the way. We thought the crazy part was the Hurley FSR to Gold Bridge. Then paved to Lillooet. Totally wrong on that. The Hurley FSR (through Bralorne) is washboard and moderate. Not too much to see except if you wish to hike (which there are many). Bralorne is fascinating.

    You can go either directly to Gold Bridge or go through Bralorne as you head north. We thought the “east Hurley” referred to the detour to Bralorne.

    The turn off the main FSR heading north from Pemberton to Bralorne is not really marked (stupidly). There are just 6 or 8 signs in the middle of nowhere signifying something or nothing. The Map booth does not even show you where you are on the map. Right is Bralorne. Left is direct to Gold Bridge – as we eventually figured out.

    Take some time in Bralorne and buy something. Anything. Maybe just a coffee or see the museum. We went to the nearby ghost town.

    We thought the road was paved from Gold Bridge to Lillooet. LOL. It even starts out as paved (although without a yellow line) and tricked us. But then it begins (and it was fun). This part must be what folks have written about as the “east Hurley “?. The 100k to Lillooet took 2.5 hours. Insane. Do not trust the yellow engineer recommended speeds at all. Some said 60kmh, we did 18 kmh in many and even that seemed excessive. Use some solid judgement here and be safe.

    We saw the rusted hulk of someone who likely did not get a chance to buy a “I survived the Hurley “ T-Shirt.

    The whole experience was epic.

    Folks be careful and take care.

  2. admin

    Pemberton to Gold Bridge is 1.5-2hrs and it’s about the same time from Gold Bridge To Lillooet. Take your time and enjoy the views, they are amazing! Watch for logging trucks on both routes.

  3. Neil McIver

    Thank you Admin!

    We are planning to take our time and travel safely – how long would you expect it would take from Pemberton to Gold Bridge?

    And what is driving time from Gold Bridge to Lillooet?

    Any info on the route is helpful.

    I will report our experience back here when we are done.


  4. admin

    You should be fine. Expect potholes, washboard, dust and a lot of traffic.

  5. Neil McIver

    Hi Folks,

    We are looking to drive the Hurley from Pemberton to Gold Bridge tomorrow (returning to Whistler via the 99) in in a capable 4×4 SUV.

    Any recent updates or tips would be very welcome!

  6. Chuck Townsend

    Came over the Hurley yesterday afternoon via the E Hurley directly out of Bralorne. The East Hurley was in good shape as far as they east Hurley goes. A couple of bumpy sections but for the most part, pretty good.

    From the steel bridge heading to Pemberton on the main Hurley, the middle section was good, the summit started getting rougher with assorted pot holes, then the big hill going down from the summit got better again.

    The roughest section was below the big hill on the switch backs. Lots of loose rock and bumps with pot holes mixed in. Nothing too terrible, but a little on the rough side.

  7. Ben Harapat

    LOve this page! Thank you!

  8. Charles Townsend

    The graded section looks great!

    Thanks for the update.

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