Flood Warning

Posted by on June 26, 2021

This post will be updated as news comes in.

Update 1pm Sunday – Water levels on the Lillooet River are lower than expected and the road hasn’t flooded yet!

Due to the heat wave and rising water levels, parts of the Pemberton Meadows, Mt Currie and Pemberton village have an evacuation order issued. The Lillooet FSR is under flood watch and right now isn’t impacting route to Hurley but could at anytime. There are some areas of water flowing across from freshet streams overflowing culverts. Hurley is open but travel is not recommended as conditions are changing fast. This is strange weather with an inversion causing higher temps in the alpine during the nights so water levels will not drop overnight. Heatwave peaks on Tuesday. Check the SLRD website for more updates after 10am Sunday.

We are also hearing reports he East Hurley has flooded the road around the 10km mark. Thanks to Carlos for sending this photo taken at 3.30pm showing the road edge was visibly eroding and there was a deep hole in the middle suggesting undermining. Expect to see more water by now.

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East Hurley at 10km

6 Responses to Flood Warning

  1. admin

    That washout is going to Bralorne, not Gun Lake.

  2. Ron Sloan

    Hi Everyone! I was hoping to make my way up to Gun Lake on Wednesday in a Nissan Rogue. That picture of the road at 10km isn’t looking too good. Anybody have an update? Much appreciated!

  3. Don Robinson

    With the Evacuation order for the Pemberton Meadows area, won’t the RCMP be putting road blocks up to prevent entry to the area? This could impact access to the Hurley.

  4. admin

    You can email photos to info@bridgerivervalley.ca

  5. Charles Ramos

    Further to previous comment: location 4km from the Hurley intersection.

  6. Charles Ramos

    The Bralorne Road between the Hurley and Bralorne had both culverts overwhelmed at 3:30pm today and water was flowing full speed over road, eroding and undermining the lower edge. Washout looked imminent. I can send a photo if there’s anywhere to do that.

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