Flood Watch Update

Posted by on June 28, 2021

June 30, 2021 @ 14:30 hrs – Drove from Pemberton to Gun Lakes area June 30/21. No issues. Lillooet River is high, but not encroaching on road. Other than being dusty, the Hurley is in good shape.  All drivers courteous, pulling over to allow faster drivers to pass or oncoming traffic to get by.  Thank to Norman for the update.

Update: The evacuation orders for Pemberton have been rescinded and travel on the Hurley is open, with the exception of the East Hurley to Bralorne. Last report it was washed out and we haven’t heard it if was repaired yet.

Update on the Highline – “The Highline Road is open. We have received updated information overnight correcting the location of the current washout, which is at the White Cap bridge towards the campground. I apologize for any inconvenience caused by my email last night, our staff and MoTI will be monitoring the public road structures in the area this morning, and we will inform you about any changes to the driving conditions.”

So far the Hurley has survived the high water! Thanks to Sal and Debbie DeMare for the update and photos. 2.30pm Lillooet River high but still room. People should watch SLRD website and facebook page who are well aware of Lillooet River FSR ..Hurley FSR connection for our area for updates. Highline washed out at Tsal’ath. Check Drive BC re Highline and Hwy 99. Actual Hurley much drier, creeks down, only one spot with water on it. The East Hurley to Bralorne is still closed due to washout.

This site is based on Hurley driver updates so please email new road conditions to info@bridgerivervalley.ca or post in the comments below. Support this website and order your Hurley t-shirts, bumper stickers, can coolers & trucker hats in 2 colours – black/gold, pink/grey  Click here to purchase Hurley merchandise.  Thank you for your road updates and support and please slow down and drive responsibly!

3 Responses to Flood Watch Update

  1. Chuck Townsend

    Came down the Hurley yesterday (Sunday July 4th) and the river had gone down from the previous Thursday.

  2. admin

    No updates from the last post which said river levels are dropping

  3. Nick

    Is there any status update on the road from Pemberton to the base of the Hurley?

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