First snowfall of the season!

Posted by on September 17, 2021

Update from September 26 from Charles Evans.

Good conditions Gold Bridge to Pemberton, travelling late morning, on Hurley west a little slick from Green mountain and some mud ruts. No snow, and surprise of all surprises, only three cars at Semaphore. Fair number of potholes at the usual wet spots.10 km to 7 km on the Pemberton switchbacks is still rough as heck, better further down the hill. Worst is the flats from the bottom of the hill to the Lillooet Bridge.

Update on September 22 from Chuck Townsend.

Came down the Hurley Monday afternoon via the east Hurley from Bralorne and all the snow was gone.  East Hurley was good. Main Hurley from the steel bridge through the middle was decent for the most part with a few rough sections. It seemed to get a bit better as I approached the summit and wasn’t too bad going down the big hill. It wasn’t until I got to the section between the big hill and the switch backs that it got pretty rough. The switch backs were ok off and on with the worst part of the entire road being the Lillooet River FSR! Very rough for its entirety. Was expecting the Hurley to be much worse with all the reports I was getting by word of mouth, but I think airing down my tires to 30 psi really helps smooth out the worst parts.

September 17th. Torrential rain in the valley today and snow falling at higher elevations including on the Hurley. Be prepared for winter like conditions up there. Currently 1.3c at Gun Lake at 6.22pm and the rain is trying to turn to snow.

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Photo by Magali Roy September 17, 2021

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  1. admin

    It all depends on the weather and varies every year

  2. Tania Newman

    Any idea when the Hurley is closing? Thanksgiving weekend?

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