Rock Slide Warning

Posted by on November 4, 2021

There is an active rock slide at around 6km on the Lillooet FSR. This is at the old slide area and BEFORE the Hurley turn off and will impact travel. Reg and Cathy from Backcountry Snowcats have painted the rocks and put some warning signs up. There is a single path through but with rocks actively falling it is not advised.

Bridge River Mechanical will be starting to work on the Hurley starting this week and there will be active heavy equipment till the end of October so please be aware and slow down when approaching them.

This site is user maintained so keep the emails coming to Thanks to everyone who has sent in photos and updates this year.

If you choose to drive the Hurley at this time of the year be prepared to experience all kinds of weather and winter driving conditions.  Winter driving skills, 4×4, chains and good snow tires are essential for travel.  A survival/safety kit are good things to carry in your truck.   Conditions can change fast at anytime up there with the fluctuating temperatures & weather.  Current conditions may not be reported on this site.  Have a safe drive!

Rocks actively falling

3 Responses to Rock Slide Warning

  1. Rick

    Drove over the Hurley from Pemberton to GB on Friday night. The rocks in the photo of the slide have been removed on the Lillooet FSR and there are hazard signs marking where to pay extra attention to. Route through the slide is wide and easy going. The ascent to the summit is in pretty good shape. Snow starts just past the Tenquille branch. 20 cm snow on the road for at least 4 km at the summit but the snow was crisp and light when we drove over. It’s already a pretty winter wonderland in the Semaphore trailhead area. Significant snow remains on the GB side of the summit until between km 24 & 23. It got wetter and sloppier as we descended to a stretch that was bare and rutted with deep potholes. Skiff of snow on the road for much of the last 15 of the Hurley which made the big potholes harder to see.

  2. Joel

    Heard from Nigel today after he passed through. Graded at the top and the rock slide seems to have equipment at the ready to start work. I will be passing through tomorrow am (nov 6) – will add a report if anything is different.

  3. Pat

    Drove over the Hurley on Wednesday late afternoon to the pemby side. Single track at the summit and a good amount of wet sloppy snow. Not the most pleasant conditions to drive as it was quite slippery. Didn’t stop to take a photo up top as I was concerned about running into any oncoming traffic and didn’t hesitate to punch through. Guessing about 20+ cms fell overnight on tues. Hopefully it will still be passable for a touch longer. The rest of the road was fine, a bit greasy with mud but as always, the summit is the concern.

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