Hurley Road Maintenance

Posted by on August 3, 2022

A third round of Forest Employment Program funding will be used starting in August to provide road bed material.  The new funding will see two areas for pits created on each side of the summit, grinders brought in and road bed created and laid down.  The funding is $400,000.  The bids will be out in August for the grinder contracts and then as material is created it will get layed down.

The first round of FEP funding was for brushing, ditching, and gathering road bed material, the second round was to spread the road bed material.

This will bring the total funding since 2020 for road bed improvements, brushing, ditching etc to $640,000. Hopefully a lot will be done this year depending on the weather.

Big thanks to the perseverance of our Regional District Director Sal Demare and the SLRD Board of Directors.  There has also been support from our MLA Jackie Tegart, the Ministry Roads Manager, Bridge River Mechanical Contracting, and also the Cascades Forest District Manager as she drove it and saw that there were sections that needed new material.

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6 Responses to Hurley Road Maintenance

  1. Mike

    Paul, was a piece of cake with the SUV and trailer. Dusty and bumpy loaded down but plenty of power and nothing broke.

    Andy, I don’t think ground clearance will be an issue and the road is in relatively good shape. I was more worried about flats from sharp rocks upturned by grading but I didn’t see much to worry about last week in that regard. We even saw a BCAA Evo car share prius up there which seems a bit crazy but it made it.

  2. Andy

    We are hoping to head to Gwyneth Lake via Squamish. Would a SUV with FWD survive the road?

  3. Paul

    I reckon you’ll be good with that matey

  4. Mike

    Thanks Paul. Towing with a Land Rover discovery 3.0L diesel with lots of torque. 4000 pound trailer well under the capacity of the vehicle. So I think that should be ok for power. New off road tires on the truck and the trailer.

  5. Paul

    Hi Mike. I’ve driven it weekly for the past 6 weeks, and towed over a side by side trailer with good off roads and a boat. Just take it easy, keep the speed down and you’ll be fine. The only real issue might be going up to the summit area on the switchbacks,fro
    Pemby you do need a good towing truck / vehicle with enough power to pull up those areas which currently are the roughest road conditions on the Pemberton side. Lots of braking I suspect on vehicles descending causing sluffing/ braking bumps and debris on road etc after clearing that area the road is in great shape.

  6. Mike

    Hi, I’ve driven the Hurley before in an SUV couple times last year, but I was wondering what the thoughts are on doing that while pulling a 20′ travel trailer with good off-road tires?

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