Accident on the Hurley

Posted by on October 18, 2023

The Hurley FSR road bed material project has started and yesterday there was a MOTOR VEHICLE INCIDENT between a pickup truck and a gravel truck. The pickup truck was driving fast in the middle of the road and the gravel truck had to hug the side of the road but ended up going down the embankment approximately 50 feet. The driver was taken to hospital.

Speeding in a work zone is not acceptable so slow down in the work zones. The contractor had to yell at a couple of drivers to slow down. When you see a gravel truck on the road slow down and pullover and let them by, that is the safest thing to do for both drivers.

This site is based on Hurley driver updates so please email new road conditions to or post in the comments below.

If you choose to drive the Hurley at this time of the year be prepared to experience all kinds of weather and winter driving conditions. Winter driving skills, 4×4, chains and good snow tires are essential for travel. A survival/safety kit are good things to carry in your truck. Conditions can change fast at anytime up there with the fluctuating temperatures & weather. Current conditions may not be reported on this site. Have a safe drive.

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