Grizzly Poaching Alert!

Posted by on November 19, 2011

UPDATE on the court case:

The following links are updates on the court case of Squamish resident Brett Michael Eyben charged with the killing of this grizzly.
December 13 2012
August 7 2013

October 3rd 2013 – Sentencing

Poachers have been active on the Hurley Road!  On Thursday, after the storm,  a beautiful 9 year old grizzly bear was shot on the right side of the Lillooet River FSR, as you approach the start of the Hurley.  It’s huge body and head found laying on the side of the road with missing claws.  This happened at the 8.5km mark on the Pemberton side of the Hurley, just before the Railroad Creek Bridge where the road splits up to the Hurley or to Meager.  If anyone saw something in that area on Thursday Nov 17 please contact the RAPP Line you can remain anonymous if you wish 1-877-952-7277.  Evidence of at least 2 moose were also poached up there this last month.  There is no open season for moose from the summit to Pemberton.  There is a big white sign up at the summit pull out.  The Conservation Officers  have a huge zone and they need the public to help keep an eye out for poachers.  I’ve driven the Hurley hundreds of times and I’ve never seen a grizz!  This poacher got lucky.  A poachers luck has to run out!


The Pemberton Wildlife Association is offering a $1000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or  persons responsible for illegally killing a large grizzly bear near Pemberton on or around Thursday, Nov 17, 2011.
Anyone with knowledge of this incident is urged to call the RAPP Line at 1-877-952-7277

The attached photos were taken on November 8th by a Pemberton Wildlife Association member.  This is the same bear that was killed by the poacher.

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  1. mike

    poachers should be shot. lucky I was not driving by at the time you dirt bags.

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