Hurley Avalanche!

Posted by on January 15, 2012

Sometime this month a big avalanche came ripping down off the Green Mountain ridge and covered the Hurley Road at 12km on the Gold Bridge side.  Debris is piled up 18 feet high and covers about 80 feet of road.  This left the road unpassable.  This ran on  that persistant weak layer that the avalanche forecasters keep talking about.

Today, local residents Ken and Shirley from Top Gun Towing hand dug a path for sled traffic to get through the avalanche debris.  Big Thanks go out to them both for clearing the path from all the sledders in the Valley and beyond!

The Hurley Road is now open from Gold Bridge & Bralorne to Pemberton for sled traffic.  Conditions at each end are icy but the new snow is helping to cover the ice up.  Thanks to Mike Jensen for the avalanche images.

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