Opening Weekend!

Posted by on June 3, 2012

The Hurley is in great shape!  The top 5km at the summit is still muddy/snowy/rough and the rest of the road has been graded.  The switchbacks on the Pemberton side are in good condition too, as good as they get!  The East Hurley is still closed due to the large pile of avalance debris covering the road.  Reports in of one Bralorne resident who made it across the avalanche path ….eventually after getting very stuck!  We do not recommend you try this!

Thanks to everyone who stopped at the East Hurley split to visit the  “I Survived The Hurley” tent!  The tent eventually blew over in 40km/hr winds but the Hurley ladies remained up there!  Hurley travellers purchased $300 worth of T-Shirts and Bumper Stickers in a few hours!  Thanks for the support!

We are still looking for some awesome opening weekend Hurley photos!  The best photo entries will win Hurley merchandise.   Send your photos to to enter the contest!  We are also looking for vintage Hurley photos so if you have some from the good ol’ days send them in along with any stories to describe the images, we’d love to post them on this site!


Hurley Road conditions

Hurley Road conditions at the summit on June 2 2012

Short section of road at the top is still a bit wet and rough in spots but the rest of the road is in great shape!

Looking down at the green, lush Pemberton Meadows from the Hurley

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