East Hurley

Posted by on June 4, 2012

A lot of people have been asking if the East Hurley Road to Bralorne is open.  These images should answer that question!  No it’s not open!  A huge avalanche came down this spring, bringing a lot of forest debris down with it.  Until this debris is cleared off the road, the East Hurley will remain closed to through traffic.  Thanks to Brad from Bralorne for the photos!

Have you signed the petition to have the East Hurley maintained?  Sign it here!

Avalanche debris on the East Hurley

Avalanche debris on the East Hurley

East Hurley

Close up of the huge pile of debris from a spring avalanche on the East Hurley

2 Responses to East Hurley

  1. admin

    Hi Jeff, The East Hurley goes to Bralorne. The Hurley Road is open to go to Tyax!

  2. Jeff

    What is considered the East hurley ?
    Is it open from Pemberton to go to Tyax ? Sorry for my lack of geographical knowledge.

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