June 16 East Hurley Update

Posted by on June 16, 2012

The avalanche debris is 4.6 kms from the steel bridge and 8.8 kms from Bralorne.
It is approximately 100 ft long and right now the debris is piled up between 10-20 ft for most of that length.
The debris field contains a fair amount of snow at the bottom, large boulders, large trees, mud and a bunch of smaller wood debris.  This is in a well shaded area and so the snow is not melting very fast.

A new road/path has been made around the end of the avalanche on the bank.  It is passable by most vehicles although I wouldn’t take a motor home or similar sized vehicle over it.  Slow does it.

The rest of the E. Hurley is in pretty good shape comparable to most of the rest of the Hurley with a couple of spots need to watch for really big rocks sticking up.

On Monday, June 4,  Debbie Demare requested that Min. of Transportation clear this debris path and was advised that they were seeking special funding to do so.  Thanks to Debbie Demare for this East Hurley report and photos.

Avalanche debris on the East Hurley

Close up of the debris

This road has been created around the pile of debris

View of the avalanche start zone & debris pile down on the road

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  1. Chuck Townsend

    The east Hurley should be maintained to the same standard as the rest of the Hurley.

    With the road paved between Gold Bridge and Bralorne, those leaving the valley would have the option of driving up the paved road to Bralorne and then out on the east Hurley if they didn’t want to deal with climbing up the Hurleys wash boards on the way up hill. It would also allow the Hurley switch backs to stay in better shape if the majority of its traffic we’re only going down hill into Gold Bridge.

    The East Hurley also serves as a secondary route out of Bralone if the paved road gets cut off due to fire or slides.

    Its time to stop goofing around and see the east Hurley widened and graded twice a year!

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