East Hurley Washout

Posted by on June 27, 2012

The East Hurley experienced a washout sometime on Saturday night and the road remains closed.  This is at the first culvert approx 3km after the split on the main Hurley.   Local Area A Director Debbie Demare has made the Ministry Of Transportation aware of the washout.  However, she notified them three times about the avalanche debris on the East Hurley and was not given a clear response.  If you think MOT should take responsibility and occasionally maintain this road, please sign the petition!

Water levels at the washout have dropped and local residents have moved some rocks in place so it is passable on a bike or quad.  Thanks to Nigel Hopp for these photos.



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  1. Chuck Townsend

    Interior roads were good enough to get back to me regarding maintanence of the East Hurley.

    They said they are NOT responsible for this section of the road and that I should contact Brad Bushel from the ministry of transit in lilloeet.

    Anyone know what the deal is here?

  2. Chuck Townsend

    Anything new on the East Hurley?

    So much for the “maintained to a passable state!” from the government.

    Oh well, maybe someday.

  3. Debbie Demare

    I spent a fair amount of today, kind word for it , “bitching” to various officials via email and on the phone about the Hurley. As it relates to the “E. Hurley” it appears that this is classified as an “8” road which means that is supposed to be maintained in a “passable” state.. The contractor (Interior Roads) doesn’t necessarily agree that it is in their contract to deal with the avy debris & the road washout in order to maintain the “passable” state. So I finally appealed to everyone……..in the interests of this community….just do it for the Bralorne community. It is a big weekend for Bralorne. Not sure if that will work but I have done my best for the short timeframe before the long weekend. Lets hope Interior Roads and Min of Transportation steps up to the plate and supports the Bralorne Community!!! (I want to make it clear it is not our local IR crews with the strings here, they are awesome). Please contact me if you’d like more information or want to have your two cents worth. We need the public’s continued support and help!! D.

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