East Hurley is Open!

Posted by on July 25, 2012

The East Hurley is OPEN!   Huge thanks to Hazelwood Construction for fixing the washout!  Hazelwood are in the BRV for the next 2 years working on the Sequoia Energy Jaime Creek Project.  The Bridge River Valley thanks you Hazelwood Construction!

Grading Update from Debbie Demare:  Steel bridge past Hope Creek graded (roughly).    Switchbacks below Sampson log haul road freshly graded.  Grader sitting just below Tenquille Lake turnoff corner (pullout after the bridge with Squamish forest district sign, see photo.)    The road is very wet in spots due to the rain.    Mist rising off streams tonight and Hurley River running high and hard where is comes close to the road in that one spot.

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  1. Chuck Townsend

    Great plan (the traffic counters). Let’s hope it shows more than enough traffic to justify upgrading the East, I mean main (still kind of confusing but Ii get it) Hurley to a class 7 and also shows just how much more this road is used than highway 40 when it’s open!

    Thanks again for your hard work, Chuck.

  2. Debbie Demare

    I did a tour yesterday with Min. of Transportation officials. We probably need to refer to the East Hurley as the Hurley River Rd. (steel bridge to Bralorne) section. It is classed as an 8 and needs to be maintained in passable state. The Bridge River Valley Economic Development Society had planned to put a traffic counter on that section this year – but the avalanche debris and washout has made it impassable for 1/2 the season so we will do it next year. We are also looking for another traffic counter for the main Hurley. It is factual info like this that will make a difference.

  3. Chuck Townsend

    Just got off the phone with Brad from the MOT, and he clarified a few things regarding the East Hurley:

    -the East Hurley is a class 8 road, which means it should be passable but unmaintained otherwise.
    -interior roads didn’t think this road was there responsibility (which has been corrected).
    -interior roads is to keep the East in a passable state in the future.
    -if traffic on the east increases significantly, the East could be upgraded to a class 7 road (same as main Hurley)
    – IF they find some funding, they made grade sections of the East.

    Thanks to Brad for taking the time to talk on the phone.

    Come on people, sign the petition!

  4. admin

    Hi mzhang, 4×4 is reccommended, however 2wd vehicles do drive the road occasionally. I would not personally take a 2wd vehicle over the Hurley. The drive around via Lillooet and Route 40 is just as spectacular and will be a better drive in a 2wd.

  5. mzhang

    I plan to go to Gold Bridge mid August. Does the Hurley FSR require 4WD? Would a 2WD SUV be okay?

  6. admin

    Hi Kevin,
    Maps of the Hurley can be seen on this page: https://isurvivedthehurley.com/?page_id=14
    Have a great drive!

  7. Kevin D.

    I might be missing it here, but where can I find a map of the Hurley Pass / Road? I plan on travelling through here next month on motorcycle and would like to see this road.

  8. Chuck Townsend

    Thanks Hazelwood for stepping up and helping out the community.

    Now the government needs to step up and classify the East Hurley the same as the main! so the East is as safe and gets the attention it needs!

    Come on everyone, sign the petition:


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