Driving the Hurley Road

The BC Forest Safety Council (BCFSC) has released an updated Resource Road User Safety Guide. It is intended for recreational users or industrial traffic unfamiliar with traveling on resource roads (e.g. delivery vehicles, mining, land surveying, etc.). This guide lets readers know what to expect on resource roads and some things travelers should do to ensure a safe trip. It provides driving guidelines aimed at helping drivers understand how to drive and communicate on resource roads.

Please note this guide provides basic information for travelers on BC resource roads. It does not contain maps or area specific information such as radio frequencies or road closures. It should not be considered a replacement for proper trip planning.

The Safety Guide can be downloaded by clicking on the link below:

Resource Road Safety Guide for Passenger Vehicles

Resource Road Safety Guide for Off Road Vehicles

Please take the time to read the links and drive safe on the Hurley!

Some good information from the Golden Snowmobile Club on sharing an active forestry road.


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  1. admin

    It’s about 2 hrs to Tyax. This site is user maintained and the last update we have had is the last post made.

  2. Kpinbc

    Hi we are planning to go from Pemberton to tyax over the Hurley Friday, driving a 4×4 truck. I heard it has been graded recently (or in progress?) any updates on road condition would be great. Also, approx how long is the drive from start of Hurley to tyax?

  3. Anthea Yeo

    I am planning to drive the Hurley early August after the grading and the road has settled a bit. I have a Nissan Murano AWD SUV with low profile M+S tires. Am I crazy?

  4. admin

    It’s about a half hour to Branch 12. I don’t know how long till the parking lot but there are a lot of water bars!

  5. Carson Hewlett


    How long is the drive from the start of the Hurley FSR on the Pemberton side to the parking area for Tenquille Lake via the Branch 12 logging road?


  6. Alexis Moore

    Awesome thanks so much for the prompt reply!

  7. admin

    It usually opens around the May long weekend at the earliest, depending on snow conditions. Information will be posted as soon as it comes in

  8. Alexis Moore

    I’m a first time Hurley rider looking to drive it asap! Any idea on when it will be open?

  9. admin

    It takes a truck about an hour and a half

  10. Clive

    Hi, hope you can help. Understood weather will play into the answer but assuming nothing nasty, mid June, how long would it take to ride dual sport motorcycles at a reasonable pace from Pemberton to Gold Bridge via the Hurley?

  11. Maria

    Looking to drive to the Hurley sled parking lot but I’m not finding the directions to the parking spot here

  12. admin

    The road is really rough right now with lots of washboards and potholes.

  13. Rick

    Hi – hoping to drive my 2wd Mazda car to semaphore this Saturday. Am I nuts? Any advice would be great, thanks!

  14. admin

    It can be quite rough at times and has steep switchback sections at each end and logging trucks drive it

  15. Donnie

    Can we take a 30ft trailer through the Hurley. We’re used to driving it on FSR’s but we haven’t been on this one.

  16. Mustafiz

    We went Gold Bridge over the Hurley last 3rd August from Pemberton and back via Highline road following day. I drove a small car (VOLVO S40) and survived, but I am not recommending anyone to drive a small 2wd there in Hurley or in Highline.

  17. Damian

    Hauling a mini excavator to Bralorne this weekend. F550 4×4 30′ goose neck. Is the Hurley an option for this ??

  18. Chris

    Does anyone travel the Hurley on dirt bikes? I was considering dropping the bikes off at the south end and making a daytrip to Bralorne and back. Any info would be appreciated, thanks.

  19. Frank Wildgrube

    Any recent news (June 27th, 2018) about the road conditions? Frank W.

  20. Saul Sigalov

    How is Branch 12 and the road going up to it? Any been up there recently?

  21. Tim

    And how much faster is taking the Hurley from Squamish to tyax lodge compared to taking road 40 from lilloet?

  22. Tim

    How many km of road 40 is gravel?

  23. admin

    Road 40 via Lillooet is the main road into the valley.

  24. Tim

    What’s the best way to get to tyax lodge driving a car with stiff suspension. Going in June, I have a truck also but I want to take the car if I can.

  25. Rodre


    How do we send in pictures of the Hurley to be posted to the site?

  26. Ashley

    Hi! We will be traveling the Hurley 9/1-9/4 in a pickup truck with 4×4. We are coming from the states, and won’t have any sort of GPS except directions we have printed (we are headed to Tyax Resort). Is the turn off to the Hurley fairly obvious? Any tips for first timers? Thanks!

  27. John P.

    I drove the Hurley on June 30th from Gold bridge to Pemberton. when I went to unlock my hubs at the bottom I saw that my bull bar on the front of my truck did not survive the Hurley and was gone.
    It was a black, made of 6 inch diameter tubing and had a stainless steel skid plate that had the manufactures name “Airies” laser cut into it. if anyone has found this can they contact me as I can’t get warranty without it. My wife and I quaded the route to Gold Bridge and back the next weekend and no luck finding it. The grader was operating that day but I can’t find a number to contact the operator to ask him.
    Please contact John 604-539-8166

  28. Kevin

    Driving the Hurley tomorrow before Iron man closures from Pemberton to Gold Bridge- will logging trucks be running Sunday?

  29. admin

    Your vehicle will be ok. No requirement to call and no fires! Have a good drive!

  30. Ken Lau

    Hello, this is a fantastic site, thank you for all the great information. We plan on travelling from Pemberton to Gold Bridge on The Hurley on Fri, Aug 11/17 and return the same route on Mon, Aug 14/17. The vehicle we will be using is a compact SUV, Ford Escape, with 4WD selectable. Will this vehicle be ok on The Hurley? Also, is there a requirement to call out location kms (it’s my assumption that it is not required). Finally, is road affected by the wild fires at all? Thank you, Ken

  31. Brandon

    I just got text from Patrick and he had a Tire Failure

  32. admin

    It was graded before the July long weekend.

  33. Patrick

    any updates on completion of grading completion? heading up to goldbridge from lower mainland this friday. have a subaru outback, so decent (10″ ish) clearance.

  34. admin

    You may want to check with the rental company, most won’t allow rentals on a FSR road.

  35. Chris

    Driving the Hurley from Pemberton to Gun Lake on July 15. Will a mid-sized rental car survive it?

  36. admin

    I wouldn’t drive it on the Hurley. Road 40 via Lillooet would be a better option

  37. Bob Bennett

    Can a extended length Mercedes, 2wd, van be driven On the Hurley road?

  38. admin

    The road was recently graded so watch for sharp rocks!

  39. Ella

    We are planning to drive from Pemberton to Tyax Resort through Hurley Road on a AWD SUV on June 28, is it ok?

  40. admin

    The Hurley is not open yet. Updates will be posted on this website when we have more information about the opening date

  41. Andrew

    Hello, planning on driving through the Hurley sometime this May long weekend. Is the Hurley open to vehicle traffic?

  42. admin

    The road is still closed due to flooding. When it opens up again it will be posted on this site

  43. Willem

    Want to drive the Hurley this Friday, Are there any washouts or road closure ?
    Thank you,


  44. admin

    It depends on the weather and how much snow falls by Halloween. You can check the weather and temps at the webcams http://www.southchilcotin.ca

  45. Lee

    We’re hoping to drive up to Bradian over halloween weekend in our 4×4 truck. We have winter tires but will we need chains?
    Also, whats the temp up there?

  46. admin

    It depends on weather and how much snow falls up there this week.

  47. Jon

    Looking at taking the hurley next weekend, heading up october 20th coming back down the 23. Will it still be open? I was up labour day weekend and it wasn’t too bad.

  48. Joe D

    Thanks for the informative site on the Hurley. This is great. My wife, dogs, and I will be camping with our trailer Thanksgiving Weekend north of Pemberton and we were thinking of driving over to Bralorne/Gold Bridge in my ’03 F150 2WD, weather permitting. Then looping back through Lillooet It seems doable based on posts and pix of the road on Google Earth **unless someone wants to discourage me, since its a 2WD **

    We will check back here for any changes in road conditions. Thanks to the community for keeping this site going. Cheers, Joe D.

  49. admin

    It depends on the year but usually anywhere from October to November. Regular updates are posted on this site.

  50. Taylor

    Just wondering about when the Hurley becomes impassable? Late October?
    Would a 4×4 tacoma with V-bar chains make it? Or kinda snowmobile/snowshoes only?

    Thanks in advance,

  51. Mike Longley

    Had an unusual experience today. I was driving from Pemberton on the Hurley coming up to the pass and came up behind a silver 4 runner going slowly. I slowed down behind the car and waited to be able to pass. But the driver simply continued in the middle of the road pretty slowly and then deliberately took the middle of the road to stop me passing. I have never had this experience before. I personally, when approached from behind by a faster car have pulled aside and slowed down to allow safe overtaking. This driver continued for over a mile to do everything to drive slowly and to stop me passing him. I never have experienced this behavior in 10 years of driving the Hurley!! It might be a good idea to post some comments about passing etiquette.

  52. admin

    Yes you can drive it in a 2wd vehicle but we don’t recommend it. The road is often rough and bumpy and it is hard on your vehicle.

  53. Scott

    Hi, just wanted to say awesome site you have here! This might be a stupid question: Can I drive the Hurley main in a 2wd car? would love to shave ~2 hours off of a journey up to the chilcotin. Thanks!

  54. admin

    There is no requirement to call on a radio while driving the Hurley. Radio frequencies are posted on several signs as they change on different parts of the road depending on the logging company working.

  55. Jim Shepherd

    Is there a requirement to call km while driving on the Hurley FSR?
    I read that the frequency on the Hurley FSR is 152.960 Mhz but cannot confirm that is correct.

  56. admin

    Hi Gino, the road is clear. If there are any issues they will be posted here.

  57. Gino del Rosario


    We’re traveling on the Hurley next week on motorcycles. Are there any washouts that would prevent us from getting from Pemberton to Bralorne?



  58. Alan

    Hello, I am planning to drive from Vancouver to Bralorne later this week (April 20, 2016). Can anyone please promptly advise if I need snow tire if go along by the road 40? Is a regular SUV with all seasons tire safe enough?

    Thank you,

  59. Taylor

    I’m planning a trip out to Pemberton namely the Keyhole Hotsprings in April.
    Any chance the Hurley would be close to passable in a Tacoma 4×4 with V-bar chains?


  60. admin

    The Hurley is still definitely closed to vehicle traffic. The only way over the Hurley at this time of the year is on a snowmobile. It likely won’t open to vehicle traffic until the end of May at the very earliest.

  61. Liz

    Is the Hurley open for vehicle traffic? I’m in a 4×4 Jeep with studded winter tires. I’m working in Goldbridge and would rather not take the long way to pemberton

  62. admin

    No you will not be able to drive the Hurley. Road 40 starts in Lillooet and is a maintained year round road about half of it is paved

  63. Janusz

    Looks like I won’t be able to drive to Gold Bridge thru Hurley Rd with my front drive camry:( will I?
    How many kilometers of RD40 is unpaved? Where it starts? Is it really bad there?
    Thank you

  64. admin

    The work is being done around the same area as the Semaphore trail head.

  65. Laura

    Hi! Not sure if this the best place to ask this but is the part of the Hurley from Pemberton to the Semaphore Lakes trailhead open to drive on? I have an AWD crossover that I think should be able to make it up the road but due to the recent maintenance notice, not sure exactly where I can expect the delays. Thanks so much!

  66. admin

    The road is extremely bumpy right now and it will be a slow drive if you have a camper and a trailer. I suggest taking Road 40 from Lillooet.

  67. Wade

    How is the hurly for a camper truck and quad trailer leaving October,thanks,wade.

  68. Bob

    Hi there.

    How’s the road condition after the recent rains?
    I want to drive a 2wd up there tomorrow.


  69. Jw

    Hearing the road from Pemberton is REALLY steep, and need a lift on the truck to make it to Bralorne. Is this true? Also, heard about the snow in Whistler, roads still OK on Sept 14 you think?

  70. admin

    Hi Margaret, The Hurley Road is open and in no danger from the fire that is close by. Have a good drive!

  71. md

    Has the Hurley Road been affected by any of the wild fires in that area? I’m thinking of driving it from Pemberton to Gold Bridge on Monday if everything is OK there…

  72. admin

    It’s about 1.5hrs on the Hurley and 3hrs Road 40

  73. Jane

    Travelling this time of year from Pemberton to Goldbridge is there a significant time saved going the Hurley versus Hwy 40?

  74. admin

    Hi Eric, Not many cyclists ride the Hurley but it has been done before on a mountain bike! You can read about one guys adventure at this link!

  75. Eric t

    Not sure if this is the place to ask the question but here goes. Would anyone be able to comment on whether the Hurley road is suitable for cycling? Any comments in that regard would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

  76. Dustin

    Any recent updates on the East Hurley? Heading up to Gold Bridge tomorrow and just like to know hows the conditions.

  77. admin

    The Hurley Road is not really suitable for a large RV. A better route for an RV is via Road 40 from Lillooet.

  78. Renato

    Can the road be done with a large RV (30′) mid of July, assuming there are good weather condition ?

  79. admin

    The only section of paved road is in the Pemberton Meadows. The Hurley has no pavement and is a dirt road with potholes. 2wd vehicles can make it over but 4×4 is recommended. The alternate route is via Lillooet and Road 40 which is a public road and is paved for half of the way and is suitable for all vehicles.

  80. donna may webb

    What part of The Hurley road betwenn pemberton meadows and gold bridge is paved. I have a front wheel two wheel drive ESO VW? We would like to drive this route , but only if you say the road is paved part of the way and the rest is drivealbe.

  81. Steve

    Hi, a few of us are planning on going over this Saturday May 16th on adventure motorcycles. Think this okay? Any updates on snow at summit? Is the recent grading going to leave the road with lots of loose gravel?

    Thanks for your help.

  82. admin

    Hi Gordon, The Hurley should be ready to go for the last weekend in May. Opening will be posted as soon as it happens, hopefully in time for the long weekend.

  83. Gordon Eddy

    Hi, a group of us are planning to drive the Hurley to Gold Bridge on the last weekend of May. Is that likely to be possible this year? We have driven over it in the past, but in recent years it has not been open.

    Thank you, Gordon.

  84. admin

    It’s not recommended to drive the Hurley just yet

  85. Danielle

    I would like to drive the Hurley tomorrow April 24. Does anyone know if it is drivable yet??

  86. Jon

    Hi admin, we went over the Hurley yesterday by vehicle. If you want an update on road conditions and pics for your site please let me know.

  87. Sarah Hawkins

    Thank you very much for the info and quick response!

  88. admin

    Hi Sarah, The Hurley is not open for the season yet, and Road 40 to Lillooet is in good shape.

  89. Sarah Hawkins

    Hello! We are contemplating doing the round trip drive from Pemberton to Lillooet and back this Easter weekend. We are wondering what the road conditions are like? Any info/updates would be appreciated.
    P.S. Great website!

  90. admin

    The Hurley is closed to vehicle traffic for the winter. Road 40 via Lillooet is in good condition but watch out for logging trucks!

  91. Norbert Botca

    Hello, I am planning to drive to Gold Bridge on Sunday, March 1st, 2015. Can you please let me know if the road conditions are OK? I don’t have an SUV, but a regular front wheel drive small car.

    Thank you,

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