Backcountry Snowcats

Backcountry Snowcats is a Cat Skiing and Snowboarding operation hidden off the Hurley Road in the Hope Creek area which is located on the NE side of the pass.  Owned and operated by locals Reg and Kathy Milne.

The terrain on the Hurley caters to all levels of intermediate to extreme skiers and snowboarders. No matter where your skills lay within these ability levels, you will have a great day of ripping pow with BC Cats!

The weather here is colder and drier than nearby Whistler but gets all of the same storm cycles. It snows on average 32ft of cold dry snow per season, making the terrain prime for skiing and riding.

Reg and Kathy also groom the Hurley Road in the winter and build and maintain the parking spot at the end of the road on the Pemberton side.   Please show your appreciation and respect by staying off their marked  runs.  If you find yourself in one of their zones  by mistake, please make your way to the marked road and follow it out.   All runs and roads are marked with bamboo and signage.


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