Ski Touring on the Hurley

There is a variety of ski touring that is easily accessible from the Hurley if you have a snowmobile to drive the road.  Grouty Peak is a popular zone on the summit.  Park your sleds on the side of the Hurley and ski tour up the ridge.  This is in Backcountry Snowcats tenure but they don’t mind sharing it with walkers.  Green Mountain is a fun spot on the north side of the pass with spectacular views of the Bridge River Valley.   The Train Group and beyond is another of the many options available for a day trip.

The BC Mountaineering Club maintains a cabin located at North Creek.  Access is usually gained via helicoptor and groups often ski out via the Hurley Road.  The cabin is locked, sleeps up to 18 & costs $10 per night.  Information on booking the cabin can be found on their website.  The cabin is located at 50.64528, -123.23611

“Exploring the Coast Mountains on Skis”  by John Baldwin is a great guide book to get.  John writes in his book The glaciers and summits surrounding the headwaters of the Hurley River form an alpine horseshoe that makes for an enjoyable ski traverse with excellent skiing.  You can also read all about the Hurley Horseshoe ski traverse on the Canadian Mountian Encyclopedia

Weather Forecast for the Hurley Road can be seen on the Backcountry Snowcat Forecast

Avalanche Conditions should always be checked before heading out to ski!