Sledding on the Hurley

The Hurley is only accessed in the winter by snowmobile.  It’s groomed by Reg and Kathy from Backcountry Snowcats who build the parking spot on the Pemberton side & groom all the way up and over the summit to the Hope Creek turn off to the cat skiing lodge.  Please show your appreciation and respect by staying off their marked  runs.  If you find yourself in one of thier zones  by mistake, please make your way to the marked road and follow it out.   All runs and roads are marked with bamboo and signage.

The Bridge River Valley Snowmobile Club grooms the Hurley from the Gold Bridge side to the Lone Goat split.  Lone Goat is by far the most popular sledding spot on the Hurley.  It’s big out there on the glaciers!  The Bridge River Valley Snowmobile Club has a cabin  just below treeline.  Pack out what your pack in and help keep it clean.  Please support the small club and pay for membership or make a donation in the box if you use the cabin or appreciate the grooming.  Email for more information about the club.

Pemberton to Bralorne is a popular day trip for sledders as you can sometimes sled right to the door of the Mineshaft Pub for lunch!  This is a great ride for all members of the family and levels of rider.  The views along the way are spectacular and the food and hospitality at the pub are first class!

Weather Forecast for the Hurley Road can be seen on the Backcountry Snowcat Forecast

Avalanche Conditions should always be checked before sledding!

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