Driving the Hurley

Posted by on May 20, 2015

There has been excellent feedback on the condition of the Hurley Road this past May long weekend.  With the improved condition of the road, however has come speeding.

The week before the long weekend the grader was on the Hurley all week and was almost hit by speeding drivers four times.  Some people were driving too fast for the conditions and had even passed the swamper’s pickup which had its four way flashers on and a grader working sign.  Unfortunately if this continues, putting the grader worker’s safety at risk there may be some unpleasant consequences.

The Bridge River Valley Community Association has an excellent working relationship with FLNRO Roads and we generally provide information on when grading is occurring as it is happening.  Please check this website before planning your trip over the Hurley…we want you and the grader operator to survive this summer season!!!

Please follow the “3 C’S” – Caution, Courtesy and Concentration

Please read the article at this link for tips on driving safely on BC’s Resource Roads:  Resource Road User Safety Guide

hurley sign

3 Responses to Driving the Hurley

  1. Chuck

    Washout at the 3km mark of the east Hurley. See the south chilcotin Facebook page for video.

  2. John Grant

    Road was in good shape on sunday and Monday of the long weekend. No sign of the grader, but speeding quads are hard to see before they emerge from the dust.

  3. Patrick Smyth

    What a great job guys and gals! The road is in excellent shape.

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