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Posted by on June 29, 2014

We recently received a note from a Hurley visitor all the way from the Czech Republic!  Tomas and his friend Viktor rode their bicycles in a scenic loop over the Hurley from Whistler and had a great time!   Unfortunately the day they passed over the Hurley was a bad weather day  so no photos were taken but they did take some great photos of other parts of their circle tour.  Thanks for sharing your trip with us Tomas!  If you have an adventure on the Hurley that you would like to share with us please email

Hi Friends,

I just came back to Europe from a wonderful trip through BC backcountry. We explored some of the most beautiful scenery riding a loop from Whistler to Pemberton, d’Arcy, Seton Portage, Gold Bridge, Hurley Road, Pemberton, Whistler on the mountain bikes.
We actually cycled through Hurley Road on Tuesday 10th, just a day after road being open. Road condition all the way up was pretty good, grader was still in action near the top and patches of snow still on the road but easily passable. All the downhill was rough with potholes and lots of loose stones, but a thrilling adventure. No puncture, no mechanical problems just a pure excitement.
I appreciated all of you who worked hard either on the road or in the offices to keep this wonderful area open and accessible not just for the locals but also for tourists. I was lucky to be on the right place in the right time and will keep all the memories for long.

Tomas Budesinsky
Czech Republic


Tomas at Seton Lake on the Hurley Bicycle Circle Tour


Viktor cycling up the Highline Road heading towards Gold Bridge and on to the Hurley next



Tomas and Viktor were happy they got to see a bear, a rare sight in their home country!


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