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Posted by on August 1, 2014

A Hurley user found a wallet that belongs to Sebastien Mueller.  Please contact us at with your details Sebastien or anyone who knows him.

The Hurley was featured in a story in Canadian Biker Magazine July 2014.  Copies of the magazine featuring the story are available to purchase at the Tourist Info/Community Resource Office in Gold Bridge.  The story writer also wrote a blog post about it:

Maintenance Update:

Dust control has been done on sections of the Lillooet FSR to help with the visibility on this stretch of road from the industrial traffic going to the Upper Lillooet IPP Project.

Road surface maintenance will be done on the Hurley later this year.  Work done will include lifting the road with a combination of roadside material and material from designated pits.   This will provide as much material as possible to be able to grade in subsequent years.   The sections concentrated on will be above the Tenquille Branch turn off to the pass and the worst sections down towards the switchbacks.   Unfortunately there will be some minor road closures associated with this work but they will do their best to limit interruptions to Hurley users.   The Ministry will pass on more information about the closures as they have it.  They are currently putting together a tender which will be going out on BC Bid shortly.

"The Hurley to Bralorne" feature story in the July issue of Canadian Biker

“The Hurley to Bralorne” feature story in the July, 2014 issue of Canadian Biker magazine




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  1. Sebastian Mueller

    A huge, massive THANK YOU Diego (who found my wallet), Tyler, Kate and the Tyax Lodge!!! I still do not know how I managed to drop my wallet in the middle of nowhere on the Hurley. So it is even more amazing that Diego found it!! And without cell connection and internet it required a little bounty hunt to meet Diego at the Gold Bridge summer fest. Thanks to you I do not have to hassle getting new papers, etc.
    A happy summer to everyone!

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